Monday, 24 December 2007

A Christmas Gift

This one is for everyone who has ever hit my tip jar. I thought you should know what's happened to the money.

There is a TS woman whose wife is now in a psychiatric clinic. Their daughter is 5, and she needed some money to ensure she had the court fees required to gain custody.

She's a forklift driver, and although she's been saving, suddenly she had to come up with $2500 within a few weeks to pay the legal costs. A daunting task, since she just moved into a larger home, one the courts required her to have so she could bring up her daughter properly. She was saving, and had she been given more time, she could have done it alone. But time was something she didn't have.

She'd raised $1000, but was faced with a Christmas with little hope, and her daughter at the tender mercies of state care.

Now thanks to you, my readers, she has hope. And the money.

My Christmas gift to you, my readers, is that you have made a difference. Your generosity has led to a woman regaining her faith in the milk of human kindness, yes, even miracles, and her daughter's re-union with her.

This isn't the first time I've helped someone, but I normally keep it quiet. This time though, it was too good not to share with you all, and you deserve the credit anyway. Thank you for what you've done for her. Thank you for what you've done for her daughter. You have made not just a very Merry Christmas, but an exceedingly happy New Year. And that makes you very happy in turn, no?

Merry Christmas!

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