Friday, 21 December 2007

Paper T(r)ail

As I blogged about in Save Em All and let God sort them out, some 3 years ago I was involved in making a simulation of air-delivered relief efforts - the TAIL model. Annette Vincent and I wrote a paper on the subject, for SimTect 2004, the Simulations Technology conference. She was the xtUML guru, I was the domain expert, and we worked fabulously together.

The paper itself is now available online as a PDF.

Now there were one or two changes in my personal circumstances in 2005. You could say I went from A to Z. In any event, I've been asked when talking about xtUML if I was any relative to the guy who co-authored the paper.

I usually say we have the same father. There's no getting away from the paper trail left behind.

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