Thursday, 31 January 2008


Canberra to Sydney by bus
Sydney to Auckland (Change planes)
Auckland to Los Angeles (Change planes)
Los Angeles to Vancouver (Change planes)
Vancouver to Montreal

Stay 21 days at the Bed and Breakfast

Montreal to Calgary (Change planes)
Calgary to Edmonton

Stay 5 days with friends

Edmonton to Calgary (Again)(Change planes)
Calgary to Los Angeles

Stay 2 days with friends

Los Angeles to Auckland (Change planes)
Auckland to Sydney
Bus from Sydney to Canberra

First stage completed - posted from SYD International Airport. I'm about to board.


Jamie said...


You live in Canberra? How did I not realize that? I thought you lived in Sydney.

I spent Australia Day weekend in Canberra, you coulda met my wife and kiddies!

Anonymous said...

If you'd made it to Montreal two weeks ago, you could have met my wife. And it doesn't look like you'll be around for GZGECC (which I wasn't planning to go to, but for you I'd certainly make the drive). Phooey, drat and so forth.

Calamity Jane said...

Happy trails Zoe. So, when are you coming to England to bolster me up .... grin?