Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Maple Leaf Rag

I'm off to Canada in just over 12 hours.

The reason? Someone very important to me could do with a bit of support.

There are so few of us. Not Transsexuals, they're everywhere. No, those who start transitioning out of the blue, in a natural process, not the result of a course of therapy.

She's going to see Dr Brassard in Montreal to get some minor but important details taken care of. And a week later, so is another friend of mine, same place, same surgeon.

I'm not doing this out of altruism, well, not only out of altruism. I'll be seeing some dear friends, women who have all done it far tougher than I have. We've wept on each others shoulders, bled in each others wounds, and are bonded tighter than mere sisters. I've often said that the most amazing thing about my transition is not the physiological or psychological change, it's that I've met some of the most wonderful people on the planet. True Heroines. Well, I've met them on-line. Now I'll be meeting them in person, getting and giving hugs.

Worth going from +35C to -20C, and travelling halfway round the planet. Worth emptying my savings. I'm doing this to help Katie and Kay, but mostly I'm doing this for Zoe.


Anonymous said...

Almost three years later: As well as my surgery turned out, the blessing that still shines in my mind was having you there — and all the other amazing people that showed up. The emotional and spiritual healing I got from all that love and care makes the surgery almost seem trivial by comparison.

Mahalo Zoebie! Merci! Thank you!


Zoe Brain said...

Not Alone!


Hugs, Zoe