Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Back to Square One

Just saw my endo, and we discussed my latest results. Another hypothesis exploded.
We have no idea why things went so weird in 2005.

We're back to square one. Either a recessive mutation of an unidentified type, or a really spectacular psycho-somatic reaction to total denial of primary transsexuality, with some peculiar sequelae.

I'm not saying I give up, but it looks like it might be decades before we find the answer.


RadarGrrl said...

Too much Vegemite.

Chris said...

I suspect that it may have been the onset of your superpowers.

Unless you've always been super, then it was probably a side effect of the powers, or a level-up. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just admit it, you're special.

In a good way. :)

Anonymous said...

And you are a sciencetist?

Zoe Brain said...


More of an Engineer than a Scientist, but my ongoing PhD is in Computer Science rather than Systems/Software Engineering, so yes I am. A Scientist, that is.

My qualifications include a BSc in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics, a Master of Information Technology (with distinction), and various graduate certificates - the latest in Science Communication.

No formal qualifications in psychology, genetics, neurology - or the law for that matter. But I'm a polymath rather than a specialist, and have had to learn a lot about various problem domains I've been working in.

Or to put it simply, to make an artificial intelligence for missile defence, you need to know something about both the nature of intelligence, and about missiles. In order to make a legal database, you need to know something about databases, and also the law.

A good systems engineer can't help but learn at least the rudiments of the problems they're helping to solve. One who specialises in cutting-edge areas no-one has worked on before is constantly having to learn whole new fields of knowledge. They have to specialise in being unspecialised.

Zoe Brain said...

nancy, chris, nat - thanks for the support. I really needed it.

My main concern - and the topic of most of what I talked to the Prof about - is my son, and what genetic surprises I might have bequeathed him.

We'll keep an eye on his development as he gets older, in case hormonal intervention is required at puberty. It probably won't be. Probably.

Maddie H said...

So what you thought happened didn't actually happen in the way you thought it happened?

Well, odd. I'm going with the aforementioned superpowers hypothesis.

Battybattybats said...


If an inheritable mutation you could have just started the next stage in human evolution.

If it's a non-inheritable mutation that could be added via gene therapy or if it's a triggerable epigenentic switch that could lead to new treatments to facilitate transitioning.

If psychosomatic thats important too as it's one of the most extreme accounts I've ever heard of.

I know I had my days where I wished I'd just naturally change and I'm just a crossdresser. There are many more that wished more strongly and more often than I did. Perhaps you succeeded.

Super powers? Maybe.

Maybe all those wishes of so many people ended up falling on you as our most worthy champion.

Or maybe it's just another one of those mysteries. The world is full of anomalous phenomena and mysteries. While we manage to tackle a few every now and then there's still plenty of others out there that last centuries.

Whatever the case may be I think your just wonderful. An inspiration.

If the wishes I cried into my pillow went to someone else then I'm glad it was you.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaning towards the "bitten by a radioactive wombat, developed superpower" theory too.