Friday, 20 November 2009



Anonymous said...
List of the dead for this year. This number can only be conservative. We have no way of knowing how many other TG/TS die each year violently and go miss-reported by the police or media.

Cynthia Lee

Nicole said...

Cynthia thanks for posting that.

I'm wondering if anybody reading knows why there is an extremely alarming number of these deaths in Central and South American countries compared to the relatively consistent numbers in the USA and Europe in particular but also just the rest of the world.

Have numbers always been as high in those places just not reported as being trans people?

Is it a coincidence that these countries are extremely catholic countries or are these deaths just relative to the total murder rate in those regions?

Angelus said...

I am going to be requesting the song "where is the love?" from the black eyed peas this Friday at various clubs I'll be at.

RadarGrrl said...

Refuse to be silent.

Angelus said...

This hurts.

so badly. I am friends with many transgendered individuals. And I never understood until just now why they loved me for just be accepting of who they are.

I literally can not comprehend the amount of hatred and intoelrence otu there. It is just not how I function.

Anonymous said...
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Angelus said...

Just so you know.. every period on the previous post links to "Quesitonable content"

I'd advise not clicking.

I'm off to turn a virus checker now..

Zoe Brain said...

Thanks - I deleted that post.

mythusmage said...

Dangit woman, how do you expect me to be insufferably smug about my moral superiority when I have no opportunity to resist temptation? Ever since your transition you have become entirely too common sensical.

Much more seriously, remember those we've lost because of hate and bigotry.