Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Cure For Low Blood Pressure

It's obvious that he's desperately ill. At death's door, in fact. On his deathbed, he's even gone to the trouble of wearing a shirt, just so he can wear a tie. A tie that no-one, and I do mean no-one, would be caught dead in.

Of course, if I were her, I might add just a little something extra to his breakfast. There's eggs, but no bacon. This MCP is no cannibal. Maybe some serum of Ipecacuana, to make the bedspread match his tie. Potassium Cyanide, while it has its charms, is not nearly lingering enough. Thalium perhaps.

When I was young, such adverts were by no means exceptional. They ticked me off then, too.


Anonymous said...

OMG! What an evil ad.
I think if a company tried an ad campange like that now we would go balistic on said company.

Anonymous said...

The 'gentleman' is in a single bed, so he might be getting breakfast but I'd suggest he isn't getting anything else.


Anonymous said...

Bah! That sad-excuse-for-a-man has no idea what a power tie is!

This is a power tie.

Anon 2.1

Jordynne Olivia Lobo said...

How about giving the feminist hypersensitivity a rest, Zoe? In its own day this ad was an "in your dreams, Mister" exaggeration - in the same way that the "I dreamed I painted the town red in my Maidenform bra" campaign was an exaggeration.

Anne Rose Blayk said...

Zoe --

You have failed to note that within a few decades these will become treasured examplars of the Systems Programmer Tie!

-- Anne Rose Blayk