Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Some women sew, others knit. I paint miniatures to de-stress, though I haven't done so for ages. I recently resumed though, as between medical issues, teaching, and conducting a University course, I needed to give my brain a rest.

That's a 1/144 Sopwith Triplane of "B" flight, No 1 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service. This Sopwith Triplane, No. N5387 "Peggy", was previously flown by French naval pilots serving with F14 at St. Pol, at one time reportedly being flown by famed French ace Charles Nungesser. It originally had white wheel covers and tailfin (see picture below) as did all of 'B' flight, but a later picture from August 1917 showed the tailfin had been re-painted in olive drab, and squadron markings "II" added. No 17 retained its white fin in this picture.

The coin is an Australian 20c piece, a little larger than a US Quarter, the same size as an old-style UK 10p or 2/- piece.

Model sculptured by Kampfflieger.


Unknown said...

Neat! And: Wow! :-)

I must admit, I never had the patience to do such small models. These days I don't have the eyesight...

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Auntie Analogue said...

Now let's see you do a 1/144th-scale Australian 20¢ piece.

Zoe Brain said...

No 20c pieces - but there are several florins of the same size in the cockpit.