Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I identify as female, but biologically I'm Intersex. Atypically so, I looked normally male at birth, didn't develop, and changed to look female with ambiguous genitalia later. Usually such rare changes go the other way when they happen, looking female at birth and looking ambiguous or male later.

Mostly though, the ambuguity is present at birth, and doesn't change. I'm atypical, even for someone IS.

Many of us identify as either male or female. Some identify as neither, others as something of both. And have the bodies to justify that, for those religious fanatics that insist on justification. They - we - are as God made us. Deal with it. Take it up with Him if you have a problem.

Now on to the documentary, in 5 parts: Intersexion.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, and for all the work you do. I'm a nurse, and you've definitely opened my eyes to the other side of the story, and how much advocacy work still needs to be done in the US.

Nikola Kovacs said...

Wow ... what a fabulous video Zoe ... thanks for bringing it to our attention .

zoltanaspoetry said...

Love your blog. Thank you for posting this. I am an intersex individual in U.S. My blog is zollies-spot here in blogspot. xoxo

Dee said...

Oh, but that was amazing to watch (and how did I never know about this? I presume it would have played in New Zealand, where I am, but I knew nothing of it). Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting it.

xx Dee