Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bearing False Witness - Continued

"Progressive" sites are starting to ask questions.

How Eager Is Conservative Media To Demonize Transgender Youth?
Anti-LGBT Group Admits It Invented Story About Transgender Student Harassing Classmates
Fox News airs false transphobic report
False Reports of Trans Bathroom Harassment Circulate
Right-Wing Group: Presence of Trans Student in Girls' Restroom Is 'Harassment'

"Reactionary" sites are doubling down. I'm not saying they're encouraging  a lynching.. no, belay that, I am saying that. Too much evidence to say otherwise.

A comment at WND - longer than most, but otherwise typical to mild
Science (truth) is being removed from America to create dumb kids/slaves of sexual desires by sexualizing children through Marxist "Sex Ed"----through forcing Vice on our children--forcing them to think sodomizing other is "Good" and a "Right" when it is a vile, dysfunctional Vice. Totally insane and removes Reason and Natural Laws/Christian Ethics (foundation of our Constitutional Rights).
Homosexuality and sexual confusion is caused by Childhood Trauma---and they are trying to normalize child abuse and corrupt and warp Reason and Truth of ALL normal students. They are destroying (erasing) Christian Ethics replacing them with Satanic/pagan religions where sodomy is used in Rites of Worship of Ba'al. All muslim nations prefer boys for sex and segregate/hate women. The schools hate these normal "girls". We are trying to normalize muslim ethics because we have them running the White House and our military and now Boy Scouts---to normalize pagan/sodomy and force Pride in anal sex and perversions (hate for women).
Sexualizing children corrupts normal sexual identity formation which requires innocence in Latency. it is like sexual rape of a child---only Sex Ed is rape of their minds/worldview which destroys all normal perceptions of the body with evil concepts where the body is used in dysfunctional, Vile ways. Dehumanization.
They are forcing "Sex Ed" (developed by Cultural Marxists (Lukacs)) which normalizes perversions and sexual acts in children. It corrupts children like in the vulgar Weimar Republic.
The insane boy is being used to force "Vice is Good" on others to destroy "normal" and "moral in our children. He is a traumatized kid--probably sexually molested like most homosexuals and Chastity Bono--raped as a girl. Trying to make mental illness normal is psychosexual politics of the Leftist to destroy autonomy and civil society---to collapse culture. Igniting sexual passions in children is what Sex Ed is designed to do before they have the ability to use Reason to control base instincts---which takes maturity.
Sex Ed is to flip "Good and Evil"--make muslim ethics of sodomy normal---like all our media/books/schools are designed to do---reduce man to rutting animals so that Billy Ayers/Al Gores and zero Marxists can make the masses into slaves and kill off all the useless eaters through their death panels in obamacare as they party and have their orgies like Sugar Keynes had at Harvard.
More succinct comments, including the usual threats of violence. Mostly it's just talk, Mostly. :

Some news outlets are reporting it straight,, even if they don't always get the details right. Most aren't touching the story.

Another southern Colo. transgender student denied access to girls’ restroom
More than 950 students go to Florence High School. Like any high school, there’s no shortage of gossip.
“The whole school is talking about it,” said Florence High School senior Kayli Conway.
It being a male student who claims he’s transgender and wants to use the girls’ restroom.
“They’re kind of making it a bigger deal than it should be,” said Conway.
Conway says the gossip began at the start of the school year.
“I know that they’re trying to tell her that she can’t use the females restroom and I think that’s kind of wrong because she’s trying to be a girl,” she said
This isn’t the first time a southern Colorado school has been at odds with a transgender student’s request to use a girl’s restroom. In a case that gained national attention, Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain refused to let 6-year-old Coy Mathis use the girl’s restroom.
Mathis’ parents took the issue to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, which ruled that any effort by Eagleside staff to bar Mathis’ access to restrooms had to be classified as discrimination.
Actually, she hasn't been denied access. That's the point, and the PJI doesn't like that. Hence the PJI made stuff up - though they've since retracted. Sorta.
“First of all, it’s our position that a teenage boy’s presence into the bathroom for teenage girls is inherently harassing,” said Matthew McReynolds, staff attorney at the Pacific Justice Institute, who is representing the families of the girls involved. “It’s inherently violative of their privacy rights. It’s also intimidating when you have a boy like this, who is not a freshman, going in there with younger freshman girls. They feel violated. They feel intimidated, and that’s been expressed to us.”
The girls further allege the boy has made sexually harassing comments in that setting.
“Details continue to emerge on this in terms of what what kind of comments may have been made. We’ve heard some reports that he’s commented on what girls are wearing or their figure while in the bathroom. If you can imagine that scenario from the reference and framework of a teenage girl, I think that’s pretty harassing,” said McReynolds, who reiterated that a boy simply being in the girls’ restroom is ample harassment in itself
So now they're alleging that a Trans girl used the girls' restroom. I think that's probably true.
And while there, behaved like any other girl. Maybe even remarked on hairstyle, asked for tips on makeup, complimented others on accessorising. As has been known to happen even with "girls" in their 50's.

I'll repeat this guy's words again:
"This is exactly the kind of horror story we have been warning would accompany the push for radical transgender rights in schools, and it is the type of situation that LGBT activits (sic) have been insisting would not happen.”

OK, an eccentric (to put it mildly) political group doing a "beat up", just like they did when they said that teaching that the Earth orbits the Sun was "creating a hostile environment for those of faith".

But then it gets nasty.

From Transadvocate (a site I sometimes contribute to - I'm not an "objective third party" here)
Both PJI and Brennan seem content to pretend that this is about something other than the life of a transgender child. ADULTS have made reprehensible claims about this kid – directly inciting violent intent – without evidence to back it up. After their smear campaign lead to public calls to hunt, beat and kill the trans youth, Brennan released the kid’s name.
Brennan became somewhat infamous after she outed a trans teen to his parents and school, attempted to intervene in the medical care of a transgender person she didn’t like and attempted to have the United Nations strip protections from the global trans community.
Radical Feminist Lesbian Lawyer Cathy Brennan is now acting as a member of the "Pacific Justice Institute's Ladies' Auxiliary", hosting fund-raising letters for them, and now even conveying this Trans girl's personal details to those who want to kill her.

And of course making personal attacks - including giving false information to their employers - on those she opposes. Like Cristan. Like me. Like pretty much every person, Trans, Intersex, Ally of fellow Feminist she finds herself in disagreement with. This goes well beyond Internet trolling, well beyond even the dirtiest politics. It goes into dangerous sociopathy and physical violence.

This time, and not for the first time, her victim-du-jour is a teenage girl.


Billie said...

Wow, just wow!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

The real horror story is, of course, the lies and the hate language. I hope the girl is safe.