Monday, 21 October 2013

Bearing False Witness - Part 3

Audio recordings of testimony by parents of students at Florence High School, Colorado, is now available online. Some are very, very angry.

Please read the testimony of businesses, students, parents.... it's at

It's not only Moms in Colorado who are very, very angry. There's at least one in Canberra, Australia who is now best described as "incandescent" now we're sure of the facts.

I'll do everything I can to hasten that day. Today sounds good. And I'll be after far more of their anatomy than that.

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Jenna said...

I really feel for the parents of the student. I'd hate it if someone was picking on my son and I'd probably want to rip them apart.
The lady from Florence in the other recording is totally amazing and shows the support that decent people will give to those that come from their own town. Its nice to hear the views of someone who actually lives there and who's child goes to the school.