Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tony Abbott - Trust Me

It's not just the fact that the budget is deliberately and maliciously targeted at the poor. It's the completely blatant lies, no attempt to cover them up, and no end to them, they keep on coming.

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Nikola Kovacs said...

He knew what he was doing Zoe. He knew that if he just kept up the rhetoric of how 'bad' the previous government was, even though they weren't, that in the end the gullible among Australian voters would believe it, and all of his promises and vote for him. And once they did, he was always going to disregard everything that went before and start implementing his religiously-based ideology. And that's what it is - it's all based on his religious beliefs.

He is the biggest c*nt that has ever been a politician and he will probably (hopefully), never be toppled from that post.

It's a shame that your excellent blog is now focusing on this type of sh*t, but hopefully it will show those overseas what a backward looking f*ckwit does to even the most progressive Australian people.