Sunday, 18 May 2014



beneficii said...

A Canadian trans woman post-op is extremely tired of this American trans woman pre-op who does not have access to surgery whining about it and expressing her envy of the Canadian. She decides to take it straight to the pre-op: She tells the pre-op to be glad to live in a First World country and to stop worrying so much about surgery.

On the surface, the post-op sounds like she was the voice of reason, but in reality she committed the fallacy of relative privation, dismissing and invalidating the pre-op's suffering at not being able to get surgery, merely on the basis of the existence of greater suffering elsewhere: In reality, she had her revenge on the pre-op. She could now take control of the conversation under the guise of the reasonable one and shunt the annoying pissant pre-op off.

The post-op's motive for revenge can be explored further. When the pre-op showed her envy of the post-op having had the surgery, the post-op felt invalidated and objectified herself. It was as though her entire life was being measured by the fact she had the surgery; the pains and sufferings which she suffered for other things in her life were ignored: the death of her entire family at age 10, her adoptive grandparents who completely rejected her when she transition, and various other things, while also having to put up with pissants like this pre-op. She is angry and frightened by this envy and objectification and complete focus on a singular subject, so she desires to have her revenge and oh boy! is it sweet!

Of course, the post-op just thinks she's being reasonable when she's really not, when she says that the pre-op's suffering doesn't really matter because there is greater suffering elsewhere (cf. fallacy of relative privation). Her revenge is a subconscious operation, designed to send off the pre-op's objectification of her.

But what suffering must be rushing through the now-isolated pre-op right now, trapped in sadness and anger with thoughts racing through her mind.

And pain, bitterness, and envy will continue to spread throughout the entire trans community, increasing its toxicity to its members ever more.

The trans community is not a healthy place for its members. Members must work alone and know that just because something good happened to somebody else, that doesn't mean the same good thing is going to happen for you.

Curse the trans community we are forced to inhabit!

Anonymous said...

The way government makes people pay is through inflation so everyone gets hurt when free services are given.

Unknown said...

Not seeing how the political promise relates to the comments, most likely due to my ignorance. I would like to recommend viewing the Cupidity series which is stored on youtube. Its simply nice. Have a great day.