Monday, 2 October 2006

A Disturbing Image

I know it's supposed to be humourous. Nonetheless, this altered comic front cover leaves me with some very disturbing feelings.

Firstly, that if it did happen to a boy, it would probably kill him. The looks are one thing, it's the thinking process that's important (trust me). Guys who are born in female bodies have it hard enough. Many don't make it, but at least they don't have it happening suddenly, they have time to get used to the idea - and time to suffer too. Yes, there's the whole Sex thing too, but if he were as screwed up hormonally as that, sex of any kind is probably the last thing on his mind. Even if he were Gay - there's a massive difference between being a Gay Male and a Straight Female. Many in the GLB activist groups don't understand that TS women aren't some form of Gay Male, and TS men aren't Lesbians either.

Secondly, although the condition 5-alpha-reductase deficiency (5ARD) can cause little girls to grow up into big boys, the reverse is much rarer. Yet there seems to be something of an "urban legend" status about it - maybe it's a part of male sexuality (something I've never understood), or maybe it happens more often than the literature says it does. Probably with fatal results, from purely physiological considerations, let alone psychological ones.

Thirdly - why did it have to happen when I was 47, and not 17? And why couldn't I have ended up looking like that? Grrrrrr. Never mind, considering my skeletal structure at age 10, it was not to be anyway. I always was thickset, "elfin" was never a possibility.

Fourth - they got the whispers in the background right. Heck, it was difficult enough for me, surrounded by mature, educated adults. For teenage transitioners, it must be far worse, at least, in some societies. In others, where there's a bit more knowledge and tolerance than there was when I was growing up, it might be easier. But it would never be easy. I've seen far too many kids lives made hell by parents who not just don't understand, they won't understand, won't even look at the evidence. It's too embarressing and upsetting to their world-view.

A bit like my reaction to this picture.

You know what? I'm awfully lucky I had CNI - Congenital Neurological Intersex AKA Transsexuality. If I hadn't... it doesn't bear thinking about. For most people, being TS is a curse. For me, it was a literal life-saver. Gosh! (Zoe for the nth time thanks her lucky stars)

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