Sunday, 1 October 2006

Good News For Some

From The Times :
Womb transplants may be possible within two years, giving hope to women unable to have children, doctors claimed yesterday.

London-based researchers, working with medical teams in New York and Budapest, have developed a technique for providing a transplanted womb with a reliable blood supply. Women born without a uterus or who have undergone an emergency hysterectomy would be among those to benefit from the procedure.

The transplant would be temporary, doctors being reluctant to continue giving a patient drugs to help the body to fight rejection of the womb. That could leave the woman two to three years to conceive and carry a baby or babies before the womb was removed.

This will certainly benefit many Intersexed women with vaginal dysgenesis and other conditions where they have ovaries, but not the complete reproductive system. It will also benefit many other women who have had to have hysterectomies which have left their ovaries intact.

Not good for women like me though. Not yet. But perhaps, one day, those who are now transitioning in their teens might just possibly be able to become biological mothers.

It means a lot to us, you see.

Meanwhile, I look at my son Andrew, now fast asleep, and am content. Content? I'm positively ecstatic! Though I think if we'd had to adopt, I'd feel just the same. There's more to motherhood than pregnancy.

Would have been nice though... but was not to be. Guess I'm just greedy.

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Anonymous said...

Greed is good :)