Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Slow, Steady, Planned

As mentioned in a previous post, China's lunar ambitions steadily come to fruition.

From Space Daily :
China, which plans one day to send a human to the moon, said it expected to launch its first lunar orbiter on Wednesday, state media reported, quoting the country's space agency.

The launch of the Chang'e I rocket and orbiter will likely take place on Wednesday at 6:00 pm (1000 GMT) from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in southwestern Sichuan province, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The launch of the moon orbiter is part of a three-step lunar exploration programme China hopes will eventually see moon samples brought back to Earth.

The probe will be followed by robotic missions and, eventually, a lunar base to allow astronauts to live longer on the moon and utilise its resources.

And probably the next President of the US has said:
"Travel to the Moon or Mars 'excites people,' she said, 'but I am more focused on nearer-term goals I think are achievable.'"

Just sayin'

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

I hope it will trigger a new race, with an accelerated pace. Purely egoistic desire to see some results during the rest of my life span.