Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sometimes it's not Easy

The police weren't going to investigate, calling it a "domestic dispute". Until a witness provided a videodisc of the whole thing.

It happens a fortnight ago. The victim still hasn't regained consciousness, but the doctors are hopeful.

You see, certain members of her family don't approve of transsexuals.

This morning (Tuesday), they found Raychel. Her nightgown cut from her, but still attached, unconscious and with her skull fractured, her left arm broken, 6 ribs broken... and her nether regions bleeding profusely, though wrapped in a hotel towel.

Read the whole thing.

So if I seem a little obsessed at times, a little intolerant of those who covertly or overtly approve of this "Christian" family's actions.... well, this is not the only event of this type I know of. It's worse than average, but only marginally. Nowhere near as bad as some. She at least was 22, not 12.
One of them admitted that two of the others had anally raped her. His statement that, "... it was okay, though, they used condoms," makes me ill. The doctors had missed the trauma there because it was minor compared to the beating she had received.
Oh well, on to the next battle. With perhaps just a little more determination than before.

Puts my own problems with the APO into perspective, though, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

I didn't notice anything in that post that said the rapists even called themselves "Christians". If I missed it, well, I'm reminded of what a certain carpenter said to the religious leaders of his day: "You're whitewashed tombs, looking clean on the outside but full of corruption and death on the inside" and "You claim to be children of Abrahaman but your father is the Adversary."

Please pass along that if Raychel ends up moving to Virginia Beach, I can't offer a support group, but I can offer a support one.

Rosalyn said...

I read your posting from October and find myself wondering about one person.

"One of my more ingenious cousins sat in the bushes outside Raychel's room Monday night, waiting with a camcorder."

So she was waiting in the bushes? This means she knew this was going to happen and agreed with it, or at least with what she thought was going to happen to "teach" your cousin a lesson or something?

To me this makes her as guilty and should be charged as well.

By the way what is the status on charges in this crime?

Thanks for sharing the news on her recovery, I hope it continues along and she has a wonderful life. She deserves to.

Zoe Brain said...

She knew, or strongly suspected, something was going to happen. Something worse than a mild hazing. Her intent was to film it and use it to shame them into stopping it.

But within seconds, she realised this was something quite different, and if she revealed herself, her life would be in danger too.

The perpetrators now face 35 charges each.

1. Assault
2. Assault
3. Assault
4. Assault
5. Assault
6. Assault
7. Assault
8. Assault
9. Assault
10. Assault
11. Assault
12. Aggravated Assault
13. Aggravated Assault
14. Aggravated Assault
15. Aggravated Assault
16. Battery
17. Battery
18. Battery
19. Battery
20. Battery
21. Battery
22. Battery
23. Assault with Intent to do harm
24. Assault with Intent to do harm
25. Assault with Intent to do harm
26. Assault with Intent to do harm
27. Assault with Intent to do harm
28. Illegal deprivation of Liberty
29. Attempted kidnapping
30. Attempted murder
31. Act of Personal Terrorism
32. Act of Personal Terrorism
33. Act of Personal Terrorism
34. Rape
35. Aggravated Rape

None of the persons mentioned are relatives of mine BTW, a different family.