Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Dynamic Trio

I've just returned after a gruelling drive to Sydney and back. 320 km each way, call it 400 miles for the round-trip.

But worthwhile.

Grace Adams, Stephanie Imbruglia and I gave a lecture together, on TS-101 (with IS-101 to give it context), to a lecture theatre full of students at the Kingswood Campus of the University of Western Sydney.

It's no coincidence that all three of us were victimised by the Australian Passport Office. They get an A for consistency.

We have three rather different styles - Grace is the traditional Aussie Larrikin Sheila (and organised the whole thing), Stephanie is Studied Elegance, and I'm the not Studied but Studious Geek Girl Academic. We disagreed on just enough of the fiddly details to show that we're not part of some monolithic block, just... people. Normal. Women. Which was about the last thing the students expected. Not surprising, given the Jerry Springer Show, and for that matter, Janice Raymond's Transsexual Empire, whose nauseating stench odour of transphobia still permeates many arts departments and feminist courses.

Our three styles complimented each other, rather than clashed. It went well. In fact, in my not so humble opinion, it went very well.

We might even get our rather free-form and unpracticed presentation on video, and put it up on YouTube as a teaching resource.

Afterwards, a trip to Glebe Point Road, only a few hundred metres from Sydney Uni (my old stamping-ground in the late 70's), and coffee with Dr Tracie O'Keefe. Her court battle is still ongoing, and so is sub judice, but one thing I can say: At the last hearing, she was herself, all her opponents were themselves, and who was at least sane, and who were frothing-at-the-mouth loonies was pretty obvious. She's cautiously optimistic, as the sheer irrationality of her opponents caused a few raised eyebrows in court. You know what I said about Raymond's Magnum Opus? Well, those gals were full of it. In more ways than one.

Stephanie had a double-shot Latte, and the gorgeous sour-cherry-and-cream strudel. With cream. I had a single Earl Grey, and muttered to myself yet again about the sheer injustice of some with figures to die for (and she does, as does Grace) being able to eat such treats without effect, while I gain a kilo if I look at a lettuce leaf. There Is No Justice.

Then a nice, relaxing 4 hour drive home, avoiding the worst of the rush hour. Well, most of it. Driving at night beats the fog banks that I had to negotiate at 0630 that morning, anyway, much as having a tooth extracted beats having root canal therapy.

Now to put together a bio data pack, as I've been invited to join SAGE, Sex and Gender Education Australia. But not tonight. I'm shattered.

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