Monday, 5 July 2010

Intersex Infant-Surgical Abuse

A Reprise of a previous post - the video is now more accessible, on YouTube. (Posted earlier, scheduled for when I'm mid-Pacific so don't have Net access)


Justine Valinotti said...

Did that doctor work with Josef Mengele?

CatherineCC said...


But I wouldn't be too surprised if he keeps his license.

kae said...

Hi Zoe
I watched a program about intersex kids and there were three cases.
One was a child of about 18 months who was very ill. Born with both male testes, a penis and a malformed vagina. The parents of this child decided that the child should be a boy. The child was tested and found to be male chromosomally. His vagina was removed and his bladder had to be repaired as it had been leaking into the vagina.
I hope this child is OK when he grows up.
The second one was an Italian girl whose parents had been convinced/advised by the doctors to make her a girl when the child was a young teenager (13 I think), she'd been told that she had a hernia which needed surgery, and she had testes removed. She was in her 20s when the program was filmed 15 years later and she was still angry with her mother.
The third case was a child under 13 who wanted the surgery and whose family wanted the surgery, but they couldn't afford it (they were in South America), and as the parents were illegals in NY the child wasn't granted entry for the surgery after an aid agency for this purpose had accepted the funding of the surgery.
I wasn't able to watch the programme without interruption, but I found it interesting, and I wondered about the very small child who had the surgery and what had happened to him. This program was made in about 2007 I think.

Safe trip!

kae said...

I just watched the video.
I agree with your comment about let the child decide when s/he is older.
That poor little boy.

I hope the family win the case!