Saturday, 15 May 2004

Sachost.Exe Removal Instructions

Are here.

And a big Aussie G'day to people who found this place via some search engine or other. The link above gives you complete instructions on how to deal with sachost.exe.

I've given up on trying to give a greeting in everyone's native language. I've had visitors looking for sachost.exe removal instructions from Hong Kong, the USA, Denmark, Germany, the UK, Eire, Canada, France, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Italy, (quick check of referrers today), Sweden, New Zealand and Portugal. Oh yes, and Australia.

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Come for the Virus Removal - Stay for the Content. (Oh yes, and although the Tip Jar is on the right, you may wish to give to another more worthy cause if you want to say thank-you. Even $1 would help.).

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