Thursday, 2 November 2006

Free Republican Refugees

As I posted about earlier, there is a conservative site called Free Republic.

Until recently, it was the premiere site for people of the non-Moonbat persuasion. Alas, it has gone downhill, and not just because of the moderators intolerance of Transsexuals.

No, now contributors also have to disavow the Theory of Evolution. It has become an article of dogma, and no dissent will be tolerated. The site has sunk to being a distorted mirror-image of the Lunar Leftist site, Democratic Underground.

But fortunately, thanks to Rand Simberg of Transterrestrial Musings, I've now found that Conservatives who believe in this Science stuff have a new home: Darwin Central.

There's even a thread on Transsexuality and Intersex from a rationalist conservative perspective. Not "Reality-based", merely based on Reality.

Worth a visit.

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